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Our Rules.

1 > Be Respectful

No matter what you think of someone, be nice to everyone to keep the vibe here clean.

2 > Keep Calm

If you're in a situation you don't like being in, stay calm. Stressing does not help a bit and it will only stab you in the back.

3 > Avoid Spam

Repeating messages in a short time frame is annoying for others. Don't do it to keep the vibe vibing.

4 > Do Not Advertise

We do not like people suddenly advertising where and whenever they want. Please do so in possible designated channels.

5 > Do Not Minimod

Mini modding will only make the problem worse. Do not threaten people with a punishment, just get staff.

6 > English Only

Please keep it English-only in the main chats to prevent any difficulties.

7 > Do Not Ask For Roles

It won't happen, so please do not ask.

8 > Do Not Discuss Controversial Topics

These topics will lead to fights, don’t do it.

9 > Do Not Ask For Personal Information

People are free to say whatever they want about themselves, but please do not ask for any personal information.